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Bulls for breeding
A bull’s main function in a profitable breeding operation is to get a high proportion of females pregnant, during a mating sex ct. To achieve this bulls must be sound for breeding, they must be willing and able to serve a high percentage of girls on heat and they must be free of any abnormalities of the penis. Some bulls are very fertile and virile. Females need to serve horny cuckold bulls in any way. In one study of 643 young bulls aged 18-25 years, 18.6% had the highest fertility and seed amount. the breeding balls are full of cum, ready to impregnate as many girls they can fuck and breed.

This bull management should be considered:

  • bull health management
  • body condition prior to mating
  • breeding soundness of bulls
  • effective use of bulls
  • female condition

The size of bulls testicles (balls) are in direct proportion to their semen (seeds) production, so generally speaking, the larger the testicles the more females he can potentially cover and mate to get her pregnant.

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